About us

Silk Road Signal established in 2014 by a group of like-minded experts who has more than 15 years of experience in telecom industry.

While working in the major international operators, we have gained great experience in the provision and development of telecom services.

Silk Road Signal utilizes the latest digital innovations in cloud based communication that help your company stay ahead of the digital curve.

We have developed unique cost effective solutions with guaranteed quality and level of support for you and your company’s communication needs.


A2P SMS solution provides trusted, direct and secure routes for businesses to reach their end-users. It provides monetization and network protection solutions for Mobile Operators. The established network of contacts with businesses also opens up new opportunities for inсreasing revenues. The service offers a single connection thereby enabling A2P SMS traffic between Aggregators and Mobile Operators.

Secure P2P messaging is the most important element of a mobile operator’s business. This is what Silk Road Signal stands for as it guarantees P2P traffic delivery via secure channels, which prevents mixing with other types of traffic such as A2P and P2A. Silk Road Signal offers a single access point for mobile operators and businesses worldwide.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a store-and-forward messaging service that allows mobile subscribers to exchange multimedia messages, including images, audio and video, with other mobile subscribers.Our MMS platform enables exchange of Multimedia Messages among mobile operators in a simple and flexible way.


Our platform blocks any SMS suspected to be fraudulent. Silk Road Signal Telecom OU aims to protect your traffic, increase revenues and prevent fraud-related financial losses and customer churn.

Our platform analyzes all incoming international SMS traffic to provide real-time protection from any kind of SMS fraud.

  • Protects your International SMS traffic
  • Increases your SMS revenues
  • Relies on a strategic SMS A2P partner

Mobile telephone

A single phone number with one telephone may not be enough for you. Therefore, Silk Road Signal allows you to set up a virtual phone number with the ability to receive all incoming messages from several destinations.

Our International roaming services allow the interconnection of mobile operators SMSCs to facilitate the exchange of Short Messages. Each client of a node can potentially interconnect with all other operators that are already connected to our Hub and have SMS IW service.

You can quickly contact several partners and extend your reach using all technologies such as 2G, CAMEL, 3G, 4G and SMS IW.


At Silk Road Signal, we take the burden of having to design or configure your network away from you. Our team of experienced professionals will design, install, configure, and maintain your network for you.

How is this useful for your business?

  • Dual-Band Wireless Access Services - a managed solution for wireless ATM connections, mini-offices etc.
  • VPN ports in a variety of countries
  • NPL - a long-distance dedicated connection
  • Easy migration to IPv6 with flexible protocol deployment